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Ahhhh I LOVE Las Vegas!

Just as much as I love finding local brands to support. It’s so much FUN because I enjoy discovering new goodies, supporting small businesses feels so good and hearing the owner’s story is always inspiring. That’s why I can’t pass this opportunity to shine some light on three of my favorite local brands.

There are so many nice markets around town, providing the perfect opportunity to get inspired and find wonderful and unique homemade items. For example, there’s the “Market in the Alley” at UnCommons and my personal favorite, “First Friday” in Las Vegas Arts District. Really, Vegas is special in so many ways!

Now grab some coffee and let’s check out these brands!


Cedar Mountain Candle have products as unique as their story. The owners started out in 2017 making clean, organic candles for themselves. Soon after family and friends wanted their long lasting and organic burning candles. Now they have expanded into making soaps, home diffusers, roll on perfume oils, room sprays and bath bombs. I have bought everything! To this day my whole house smells like their sweet yummy scents. Everything from blossom to vanilla bean, fresh brewed coffee and spiced cranberry apple. I CAN’T get enough!

I LOVE all the amazing scents. There is one for every mood or occasion! When it comes to holidays, I find that Cedar Mountain Candle is wonderful for gifting. You can pack a cute basket with favorite scents! Who wouldn’t enjoy and appreciate smells that are actually good for you?

I became familiar with Cedar Mountain Candle a few years ago when my sister gifted me their candles. Since then I have used them consistently. I love sharing my love for this brand because it really is so amazing. I enjoy seeing it grow and develop products that are beneficial to us and our environment. When it comes to my home, I can’t imagine using any other brand.

Don’t forget the best part! You can continue using the candle bowls and jars as decor even after you have burned your candle to the very end. So Beautiful! Go check them out!!!


This Vegas local brand is created by a good friend of mine. We bonded over our love for bright hues, personalized earrings and expressing ourselves through our accessories. The founder is one of the nicest, most passionate and creative people. She is not only inspiring, but her earring pieces are empowering. They give me the confidence to be my most authentic self. I find it so much fun to style her earrings. Omggg and I honestly have a whole drawer with her cute creations!

One time, Wallie taught me how she makes her polymer clay earrings. I made two different pairs that turned out pretty good for a first time. It was really fun! I like that I got a behind the scenes look at how every earring is made. It’s truly an art!

And here in these pictures comes the most EXCITING accomplishment for Love, Hand and Heart. She was chosen as one of the brands to create a collection for the Las Vegas NFL Origins Super Bowl LVIII. I couldn’t believe it when she told me (I was one of the first ones to find out). Ahhhhhhh!

We got to attend her Super Bowl event where we got to see the whole collection in person. Of course, I bought this pair of earrings to support my friend and celebrate the hard work finally paying off. It was a day to remember! I can’t wait to see what comes next for Love, Hand and Heart.

The outfit in these photos is exactly what I wore to the Origins NFL event. It was a surprise! I had no idea I was going to match the whole set up and that the pastel yellows would completely match the neon earrings. Got to love coincidences like this one!


From left to right: Pumpkin Patch Juliette Showtime

This is my all time favorite nail polish brand. Handmade in Vegas, they are vegan, non-toxic and with a stunning selection of choices. They have everything from metallics to pastels to shimmers. I love the fact that their products are high-quality, they don’t chip on me and whenever I’ve got a sparkly one on, it’s easy to remove later. Many times when using other nail polish brands, I would have to press really hard to fully remove the glitter. It would take me way longer than needed.

If you haven’t heard of ILNP boutique nail polish, you’ve got to get your hands (nails) on their products. It absolutely wins every category when it comes to stunning shades and perfect quality. In my eyes, they have no competition. I got my mom obsessed with this brand as well. Now whenever one of us buys a new shade, we get together and add some cuteness to our nails. It’s really fun!

As you can see my collection is slowly growing. I can’t wait to stock-up on some pretty colorful shades for Spring. What nail colors are you more drawn to, neutrals or brights?

If you’re a Vegas local, what new brand should I check out? Let me know in the comments or on Insta!

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  1. Love discovering new brands! Thanks for sharing!


  2. I love supporting local brands! You found some great ones in Vegas, Those earrings are my fave, Radi! :)

  3. Shopping local is such a fun way to discover and support up and coming brands. Cedar Mountain Candle and their products sound great.

  4. Wow so many great brands! The candles and soap are great for self care and the suit with the earrings. Love that this is your friends brand. Very cool.

    Allie of

  5. Your outfit with the earrings, such a dream<3

  6. Supporting small businesses is a great cause. You found some amazing brands in Vegas. Those earrings are looking fab. I love INLP nail polishes too. They are amazing with a wide selection. I did not know they were based in Vegas when I ordered from Amazon. Lovely post as usual Radi. :-)

    Via |

  7. Looks like a lovely brand :D

  8. its so exciting to discover new brands!
    I’m in love with those earrings and the whole outfit!
    As usual you rock, girl!

  9. I love the Superbowl earrings! Thats so cool that your friend makes them, so creative! Thanks for sharing! :)

  10. Those earrings are so cool. These Las Vegas brands are worth the hype.

  11. Discovering new brands local to a city is so much fun! Thank you for sharing.

    I hope you are having a great week so far!



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  12. I love supporting small businesses too. These are some great brands. If I’m ever around in Las Vegas when travelling, I will deffo check the Arts District.

    Zoey | xx

  13. I have to say, it’s absolutely lovely!

    It’s clear you’ve put a lot of thought and care into crafting this piece.

    Looking forward to reading more from you in the future!



  14. Danielle Beautyblog

    These look like such cool brands, thanks for sharing! xx

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

  15. I love discovering new brands! Thanks for sharing.
    Julia x

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