I’ve always been the type of person who loves being active, moving the body left and right, kicking and punching in hopes of getting a great workout, but also cleansing the mind and soul from any toxins. Ever since my childhood that has been my favorite way to let go, be free and build a strong body that can take on anything. It’s rejuvenating!!! My secret ingredient to leading a happy fulfilling life. 

Trust me, getting in a workout at the beginning of the day is a total life changer!!! It teaches you discipline, proves to you that you’re stronger than you could ever imagine, gives you all the right tools to be the leader of your own life and it’s so fun. Yep, real FUN… you can mix-up different exercises, play a sport , take on a hike outdoors. So many ways to disconnect from everything and just make this time all about YOU and your well-being. That’s what we need in this hectic, fast-pace time, where you’re focusing on so many different things that can easily distract you from what’s really important. Don’t you agree?

The only thing that has changed is I now take into account what I wear when heading for a workout. I like to look good and feel comfortable while I’m out there sweating, giving it my all. Thankfully, I’ve discovered great brands that fit everything I’m looking for and beyond. Here are my top 6 active brands I love and continue to go back to when in need of new pieces!


One of my new current obsessions is the brand Gymshark. I’m sure a lot of you have heard about it already. I wanted to try it for a while and now that I have, I’m thinking I shouldn’t have waited so long…hahaha.

Since spring is approaching, my desire for wearing brighter colors is doubling and I love matching sets, I decided this duo is the right one for me. From all the colors I saw, yellow was IT! And drumroll…I fell in love with the subtle animal print. I don’t think I noticed it when I was making the purchase, but I’m happy there is a little bit of wild print. It’s the kind of surprise I like!

Alongside that this two-set is comfy, plus I go it on sale. It checked off all the right boxes. Now I enjoy working-out in it. Some days I like to mix and match the pieces with other sporty attire I own and other days I just wear it as a set. It all depends on my mood, I guess!


It’s no secret, good workout apparel can help you reach your full potential. You don’t have to worry about things like your leggings ridding up or your bra being too loose or see-through. You’re 100% focused on your exercise and the ability to perform at your highest level.

I came across Dona Jo (Brazilian brand), a few years ago. I’m still a fan of their seasonal collections especially their spring/summer vibrant pieces. I can’t get enough!

Notice the cellphone pocket space on the burgundy shorts…genius! All of these items are super stretchy and hug the body perfectly!  

A brand like this makes me appreciate the fact that I gave it a chance because otherwise I wouldn’t have known how amazing it is. I still get compliments about these tropical print leggings every time I wear them. They’re the definition of summer and a bright, fun workout!

What’s your favorite activewear brand that you think I should know about?


I’m really on a roll for finding new amazing active brands in which it’s comfortable and fun to sweat in. This is another great one…RBX Active! It’s interesting how I discovered it! Let’s start from the very beginning. 

My sister is actually the one who introduced me to this brand. She was the photographer for a few of their upcoming campaigns. From the very first time she told me about their signature pieces, I was intrigued to try them out.

One thing about RBX Active is, honesty, it’s one of the best ones out there! Just recently, I bought two new sports bras. Now, I wear them a lot and most importantly enjoy the way the clothing feels on me while being active. They’re the brand, I find I want to continue wearing even outside of the gym. This tells you… they’re that GOOD!


I do love a soft matching two-piece set in which I can workout and continue wearing even outside the gym. For this one, I had to go for the toffee color. It’s so nice because the top bra is breathable, great for getting sweaty and the bottoms are not only comfortable, but also good for the chilly days that seem to surprise us now and again.

Also, whether you feel confident enough to wear a tight two-piece set like this or not, you definitely should go for it because it will give you the boost to perform better and gradually help you build your confidence. Even if you don’t care what you wear when working out, you should treat yourself to nice, comfortable apparel. It makes ALL the difference inside and out!  

I LOVE shopping online at Forever 21! They always have an amazing selection of activewear, very trendy and versatile. Plus, it’s nice knowing you won’t break the bank from buying a set or two from there. I like how affordable and always trendy Forever 21 is (I shop there way to often!). This set I even scored on sale! (Extra points for me!)


An active couture brand made to take you beyond the yoga studios is TITIKA. Ready to be worn to the movies, a girls night out or anywhere the day/night might take you. Athleisure style at its FINEST!

For me it’s very important to wear breathable pieces, which easily allow me to move from one exercise to the next. Plus, of course something with beautiful details, appealing to the eye. That’s why this set of bra and leggings are my go to. They completely check off everything I have ever wanted in a workout duo. 

The light rose bra, which can be worn as a bralette for other activities outside the gym with this pretty back straps detail. Add a cute cardigan or kimono and you’ve got yourself a completely new look. Even the classic leather or denim jacket would look awesome on. It’s all up to you! 

If you know me, you would know I love cool, edgy, funky leggings that give the look of sleek pants with back pockets and strappy front detailing. A high-waisted model made to make a statement anywhere you go. 


One of my top happy discoveries mostly for my feet is the brand Brooks. So good! Thankfully a friend at the gym suggested I try their sneakers, and hooray, now I’m LOVING them.

One thing about their selection is they have endless colors, which are fun to style. Also, they’re made for all kind of runners, whether you’re a long distance runner or you like the treadmill. Now that I own Brooks sneakers I spot them everywhere. hahaha!

The comfort of their sneakers is something that totally won me over. I told everyone in my family, they need a pair. Yep, this information is one of those highly worth sharing with others. Of course, they also sell apparel, which I have yet to try-out.

What’s your number ONE activewear brand? I’m all ears and curls to hear your answers! hahaha

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  1. I loooove all the colors and prints!


  2. These selected here, look comfy, stylish, and work well for an avid person who works out every morning. I think the colours are genius and the fabric looks lovely. Have a great weekend.

  3. I’ve heard great things about the Donna Jo brand. Love your colorful printed set! Your photos are beautiful!
    Jill – Doused in Pink

  4. wow, I must say you look amazing in those fitness wear.

  5. I’m with you- I just love a matching/coordinating set! Thanks for sharing your fave activewear brands- I need to check a few of these out!

    Hope you’ll swing by my new post!


  6. Danielle Beautyblog

    Will definitely be checking out some of these brands! xx

    Danielle’s Beauty Blog

  7. All of these brands sound so nice, Radi! I haven’t bought from any of them before, but I love the looks you shared here!

    Hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday!

    Make Life Marvelous

  8. These seem like really cool activewear brands, thanks for recommending them! <3

  9. Such a beautiful and comfy sport sets Radi! Have a nice weekend.

  10. WOW so many great workout/leisurewear brands here! And it all looks AMAZING on you! Gym Shark, I would buy it for the name alone!

    Allie of

  11. That set from Dona Jo Brand is so cute, I’m mainly a runner and I’m soooo fussy about how my leggings fit that when I find a pair/ brand I love, I buy several pairs and basically still with those ones until I need another set of newer ones, I really need to try more. I was so surprised to see Forever 21 here too of all brands. So many cute sets here, and I totally agree that liking your workout outfit makes you feel better about the gym/ workout in general!


  12. Since I’m a runner and practice regularly yoga and pilates, I use a lot of activewear!
    In my opinion they make all the workout more fun and enjoyable!
    I usually wear Ocean’s Apart, Alo or the classic Adidas and nike clothing but those you’ve showed here are really super cute!

  13. Hey Radi, I hope everything is going well on your side and happy spring!

    I love the new design and elements that you added to the Fashion Radi website, it looks more modern and eclectic. I just added some nice pants for exercising at home but I would love to get a few in colorful tones since that’s my core…. so these options are perfect to add the playful touch and I really think that color can help to boost my mood when it comes to exercise! I congratulate you to keep up with an active lifestyle 🙂

    I loved the first one GymShark in that vibrant tone! RBX active with that playful print is also a good idea if you are more in a neutral aesthetic, but it also has a nice design element *_*


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