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Animal prints are showing throughout my wardrobe and it is about time for me to do this kind of post. It’s wild and free, the star of my outfits. To this day I’ve never met a wild print I didn’t like! LOL!

Prints have the tendency to grab me right away, leaving me wanting more and more. I love the way they look in any form…boots, coats, leggings, tees and more. Also, wearing animal print makes me feel extra confident and wild ( don’t know if that’s a good thing, I was born WILD). hahaha! 

If you’re still on the fence about whether you should try rocking leopard, zebra or snake print, I say go for it. Hopefully this post gives you some ideas on ways to start being BOLD with these prints.


Here, I’ve got the “star of the show” leopard print leggings, which can add fun to any top you’re wearing. This pair is super light, so I wear them throughout the year, every season. Only thing I change up is my choice of a top and accessories influenced by the current season. For example, with spring coming in a few weeks, I would pick a cute crop tee or blouse to pair them with. Something less crazy in print or color because I want the focus to continue to be on the print leggings. As for fall and winter time, I would definitely wear them with a teddy coat, a chunky sweater and all things cozy and warm.

Adding a leather jacket is other great option if you want a cool, chic, sexy vibe to your outfit. A fun one to wear when going-out for drinks. Don’t be surprised if you come home with a few guy’s numbers…blame it on the leopard leggings! hahaha!

So, if you’ve got similar leggings or want to spice up your tee collection, add leopard print at the bottom. You won’t regret it!


If you’re a true animal print lover, you can never go wrong with a full on two-piece set like this one. It’s a brave choice as it stands out from miles away. And I know we’re all made to stand-out, so this comes natural to us.

There are also lots of animal print dresses out there, which make styling this trend super easy. All you’ve got to really think about is what shoes and accessories you’re going to add. I really like that…it looks like you’ve put lots of effort and thought when in reality it has taken you less than ten minutes to decide what to wear. The pure MAGIC of a dress and HIGHER points of it being a trendy wild print one.

Many times I like to mix these two leopard pieces with other options in my closet. For example, multiple times I’ve worn this crop top with my pencil leather skirt and the cycling shorts with cute tees for casual weekends. It’s a world full of possibilities, don’t you think?!!! 😉 I LOVE IT!


Another way to make a fashion statement is to go bold on TOP. Print tops are easy to layer for any season. They look amazing with neutrals, whites, blacks…which is why I totally fancy my see-thru zebra and cheetah print tops. I wear them so often, as you can see I’ve created multiple looks. There’s the casual denim jeans, black bomber jacket kind of outfit. We’ve also got the dressed up look with velvet leggings and golden jacket.

Which of these animal print outfits is your favorite?

When I choose to wear an animal print top, I definitely try to keep everything else at minimum. Since the top itself screams so loud there is no need to bring more chaos into your outfit. Basically, you’ve got the main character ready and set. All you need next is the props that finish it off together.

I’m mostly drawn to leopard, however I do like a bit of snake print especially when it’s at minimal like a crop top or just a tiny detail. Guess what? This top above is actually part of a swimsuit set, which from time to time I like to add into an everyday outfit. This way I’m always prepared to dive into any body of water…hahaha! What’s your style secret?


Life is more fun with the presence of details!

When it comes to fashion, I love looking at the pieces that make an outfit come together as one. The small, but very important things like the scrunchie on your hair or the fun wild print belt around your waist. This is interesting and in many ways inspiring to me.

I know some of you might not be the BIGGEST fans of wearing any kind of animal print all over. In that case, this suggestion is for you. You can apply tiny prints just like I have here with these sandals. How cute are they?

This detail in my sandals is so right. It’s just enough to get you to notice it and not at all too overpowering. Humble as I like to say!

Focusing on the details of your outfit is a great way to get comfortable with any prints or patterns you’re afraid of trying. It’s a nice stepping stone on your way to reaching the big league.

What’s your favorite animal print item that you own?

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  1. I LOVE animal print! Cheetah print is my fave <3

    Krissi of the marquise diamond

  2. Animal print is so fun and also luxe and super sexy. You look great in all of these looks! My favorite is the one with the hat with the top tied up at the waist.

    Allie of

  3. These are great examples of how to style animal print. I always feel like it is such a neutral and can go with practically any look and style. This can be dressy or casual and I just love these styles.
    Have an amazing weekend my friend.

  4. Animal prints can be so tricky to style in a lot of situations, but you’ve definitely been successful in your examples! I love the snake skin bralette and the little animal print details in the last featured outfit. Well done, lovely!


  5. I didn’t think I was a big animal print fan, but I love all of your outfits! Your style is stunning xx

    Hannah |

  6. Lovely inspo on how to style it. Thanks sharing.

    Annies Food Diary

  7. These are not easy prints, but recently they are wildly fashionable, so it’s worth daring.

  8. These leopard-print leggings are so pretty! Makes me want to get a pair too. Animal prints are super fun and very versatile, so I really enjoyed this post 🙂

    Julia x
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  9. Fantastic outfits with animal print!

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