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I can’t get over the fact how effortlessly chic a trench coat is. No doubt, it’s a wardrobe essential everybody needs in their closet. Adding this classic piece makes an outfit anything but boring. The power it exudes is amazing. It’s also perfect for transitioning into Spring or Fall. Just ask any fashionista!

No matter the style (long, short, double breasted), you can easily elevate your look by throwing on a trench coat. Going from good to AMAZING in seconds! This new favorite coat of mine has given me new options and all kinds of fashion inspiration. Can you relate?

There are endless ways to style a trench coat, and I have come up with three outfit ideas to share with you. I will be rocking these over and over again, there’s no shame in that! Tell me which is your favorite and let me know how you style yours!


Trench Coat Sweater Dress Hoop Earrings Boots Floral Tights

Hello sexy sweater dresses!

I’m always excited to wear a sweater dress because I feel like it’s the one item that still keeps me connected to summer during the colder months. It’s fun to play with tights in different patterns and colors, and I’m starting to make a collection that I’m proud of. Wearing a sweater dress or shorts in the winter is the greatest time for me to really express my love for tights. Only thing I would change is that I wish they didn’t rip so easily. For me holes in my tights is a fashion statement I don’t want to make!

How awesome is the camel shade of my trench? It would go great with all sort of color combos. I didn’t want to go for a traditional black trench coat because I still want to keep my outerwear fresh and light, and I think I have plenty of black for now!


Trench Coat Cami Top Jeans Sneakers Hat

Feeling casual yet cute, this outfit is iconic for all my street style girlies. I love it on days I want to feel/look good, but also want to be able to walk comfortably around the city. That’s why investing in a trendy pair of sneakers is always a good idea. Can you believe it?…A few years ago I was definitely a heels type of girl. Now my feet and I are perfectly happy in a pair of sneakers!

Denim jeans are eternal, and every woman needs black jeans in her closet. This high-waisted pair is my favorite. I love the slimming effect, and they are flattering on every body shape. Pear, apple, hourglass or triangle no worries, black is always complimentary.

Style tip: If you want to hide your hips wear black at the bottom. Also, wear bright colors on the area you want the eye to be drawn to first. This way you’ll feel confident in showing off your favorite features.


Trench Coat Shorts Sweater Over the Knee Boots

If you’re in need of a smart casual dress code this outfit is as good as it gets. Throwing on your trench coat will definitely make your whole outfit look sharp and feel extra put together. Super professional and sophisticated!

Yes it’s still winter, but do you already feel like wearing shorts? I DO! When my desire for bare legs creeps in I think of creative ways to add some of my favorite summer pieces even in the colder months. I love adding tights to my skirts/dresses or, in this case, throwing on my long leather boots. They ought to keep me warm!

This outfit totally screams BOSS BABE! It gets you confidently out the door. It gives you strength within to believe you can achieve anything. You know, one of those looks that no matter what the day brings, you can thrive and be the best version of yourself.

Which of these trench coat inspired looks do you prefer? If you haven’t invested in one already, I highly recommend it. It has been a BIG life changer in my everyday style!

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  1. Each time I get a new trench coat I style the hell out of it. Trench coats elevate any look. You look gorgeous, and that first look is my favorite.

  2. I so need a nice trench and I love the camel color of your coat. Yes these coats are very versatile. You did an excellent job styling this coat in so many chic and fun ways. You nailed it!

    Allie of

  3. I love that coat color. I never thought to style with shorts! It looks super cute!

  4. Having a 3rd piece/item can elevate your outfits and you end up with endless possibilities too! Loved all the looks! So gorgeous and that trench coat color is just perfect!

    XO, Melissa

  5. Your camel trench is such a versatile staple! Your photos are beautiful!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  6. This brown coat is simple classy. I like the styling and the black buttons.

  7. I love wearing my trench coat. It looks elegant and stylish no matter what. You styled it so beautifully Radi. Love the color too. 🙂

    Via |

  8. I have to say, it’s absolutely lovely!

    It’s clear you’ve put a lot of thought and care into crafting this piece.

    Looking forward to reading more from you in the future!


  9. Trenches are not an easy item to combine and even more difficult one to accessorize. Good taste and feeling for fashion are needed in order to wear this garment with style and from what we can see here, you do this perfectly!

  10. I LOVE a good trench. Thanks for these tips! xo


  11. Radi! you look absolutely incredible, as always! makes me want to purchase a trench coat now! Lol. Have a great week!
    PerlaGiselle |

  12. I really like the trench coat, I think it’s a very chic piece of clothing that goes with a lot of items! 🙂

  13. I absolutely love trench coats and I love how you’ve styled it!

    Emilia |

  14. Great looks with a trench, Radi! I’m with you…I wish nylons were more durable! Lol! I love wearing them too as a nice fashion filter for my legs!

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