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Las Vegas may not be known for being a “picture perfect” autumn destination because well, it’s still very hot in October (feels like summer). However, there are so many fun things to do around the city to help put you in that autumn spirit.

If you’re a Vegas local, I’m pretty sure when this month hits you are familiar with the magic of burning a pumpkin spice scented candle, decorating your home as autumn inspired as possible and basically trying to do everything in your power to actually experience and enjoy this season. Especially if you have kids, you want them to know/remember that there is another season other than summer and wind. hahaha!

This is why today, I’m very EXCITED to share with you some of the unique things you can do in Las Vegas to help celebrate autumn with your family, friends, dogs or whoever makes your world brighter.

Some of these I discovered for the first time this year and others I visit every time October comes around! What’s your favorite fall activity in your city?


This is one of the BEST places you can visit with your family to spend time enjoying the outdoors and picking out some yummy treats. This year, I finally made it to the Gilcrease Orchard! Years prior I used to hear people talk about it, see cute photos of kids surrounded by pumpkins and eventually discovered this is one of the places every Vegas local awaits to visit as soon as autumn season begins.

Now I know why! I had so much fun one weekend with my family. Honestly you can spend a whole day at the orchard roaming around, picking fresh fruits and vegetables, riding the train, bringing home a pretty bouquet of sunflowers. Also, you can’t miss trying their apple cider, donuts and popcorn. So Delicious!

During the week, the entrance to the Gilcrease Orchard is FREE! On weekends, you have to purchase a ticket to enter because it gets super busy.

I know visiting the orchard will definitely become a fall family tradition in my family because I loved everything about it. It’s so nice! I already can’t wait to go back! Having a place like this in Vegas, makes this season extra special.


This is one of the most unique things you can do this fall. It was a first for me. I’m so happy I came across this Camel Safari and Zoo tour. I had a BLAST! Make sure you book your visit beforehand because each day times may vary. I went early on the weekday morning, good thing it’s less than a 2 hour drive from Vegas!

My favorite part was seeing the animals up-close and feeding them carrots! As we rode the tram all around, the friendly and enthusiastic staff taught us all kinds of interesting facts about the animals. We had lots of time there to see camels, an adorable porcupine, a sloth, alpacas, llamas and dingo dogs. My childhood dream of hugging the adorable camel came true! Along with the safari, you can also ride a camel. Something that I’ll definitely do next time we visit.

An adventure like this will always be remembered! It was so much FUN! I definitely recommend it to all animal lovers whether you’re visiting Nevada or a local here.


Seeing a movie at the Beverly Theater in Downtown, Las Vegas is a good option for a date night. They show an eclectic mix of films from around the world, and currently you can view a screening of some old Halloween classics. That’s a fun way to get into the spirit of fall. Are you into horror or like me run away the other direction without looking back? hahaha!

The theater is stunning inside and out. Ohhh you’ve got to see it with your own EYES! It’s very new, having had it’s grand opening earlier this year. Not only can you watch a movie there, but you can enjoy some live music too. Friday and Saturday nights on the rooftop, in the open sky they have live jazz music. It’s a beautiful scene, and I can say I loved every second of it! Definitely put me in a good mood with a tasty beer in hand. What else does a girl need, right?

This reminds me! One Sunday morning my sister and I joined a wellness workshop right there, upstairs on the terrace, beginning with yoga and followed by making our own body butter and bath bombs. I won’t go into detail how badly actually my bath bombs turned out. hahaha! But the whole experience was super FUN!

What are you most EXCITED for this autumn?

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  1. Wow, there is definitely a lot to do in Vegas in this period!
    I’d really love to try every experience, everything sounds so fun!!!
    Great photos!

  2. How wonderful to be able to visit Las Vegas, I loved the tips and photos. Wonderful! ♥

  3. Beautiful pictures, full of colors, and insightful post.

  4. What a fun list! I’d like to visit that theatre!


  5. Las Vegas looks incredible. I’t’s another one on my bucket-list. I haven’t heard of any of these places. All look like hidden gems. I will add to my personal travel notes. Thank you. xx

    Zoey |

  6. Beautiful photos! There are so many great things to do in Vegas this time of year! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. A thoughtful piece accompanied by stunning images that are bursting with color.

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    Thank you

  8. Mica - Away From The Blue

    These look like such fun things to do! I love the photos at the orchard but the Camel visit looks like the most fun 🙂

  9. Fabulous photos 😀

  10. Awesome ❤️
    Your creativity is inspiring !
    Nice article, thanks for sharing this!

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  11. I’m headed to Vegas this weekend! The camel safari looks so fun!

    Jill – Doused in Pink

  12. Que fotos mais lindas!!
    Um excelente post.

  13. I’m headed to Vegas this weekend! The camel safari looks so fun!

  14. Oh, I’d surely enjoy the camel safari, look at all those cute animals! <3

  15. I love your post about fun things to do near Las Vegas this fall! It’s great to see that there are so many unique activities to celebrate autumn with family and friends. Thanks for sharing these great ideas!

    Candice x

  16. Such beautiful pics!

  17. All these sound like fun activities!

    lots of love, Miri

  18. These places look so fun, Radi! My childhood BFF, Tammy, and I plan to go to Vegas to celebrate a milestone in her life once it happens and she LOVES animals. So, I will send her the link on the camel safari. The orchard is more my jam. It look so beautiful and fun. AND … you look lovely in all the pics. I love the one of you and the camel!

  19. Who knew there was so much to do in Vegas. I feel like so many people just think of the strip or main drag and gambling and clubbing. But there is so much more to Vegas.

    Allie of

  20. These look like fun activities we missed during our last visit. Will have to plan another Vegas trip. Beautiful pictures Radi 🙂

    Via |

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