Lets grab some Starbucks and embark on a journey to the city of towering tech giants, beautiful beaches, endless coffee havens, memorable cityscapes and so much greenery. Seattle, Washington has always been a place I have wanted to visit. And let me tell you…the wait was so WORTH IT!

The lush forests and verdant landscapes captivated my heart, a sight rarely encountered in Las Vegas. We indulged in exploring all the tourist main attractions. I’m so happy we were able to squeeze so many activities into three days. Seattle’s compactness allowed us to embrace it all, as practically everything is within walking distance โ€“ a feature I found particularly delightful.

This city definitely made a charming impression on me. The locals seem so laid-back and are not afraid to express themselves through their style. It was so interesting observing the array of outfits as we explored the city.

If you haven’t been to Seattle yet, you HAVE to go!!! Here are the BEST things you should do and see while there. Enjoy!

1. Go to the TOP of the Space Needle

The most iconic landmark which you cannot miss is the Space Needle. No matter where we were on the map, we always saw it poking. hahaha!

The view from the very TOP is jaw-dropping (605 feet tall). I highly suggest making it part of your “must do activities”. What’s more, it features a revolving floor, adding an extra layer of coolness. This snapshot, featuring my sneakers, was taken right there. The Space Needle offers a unique opportunity to create special photo memories.

Also, for all cocktail lovers. There is a bar at the top of the needle. You can definitely hang around, enjoy the views while having a nice drink. It’s all part of the FUN!

Our hotel was about a ten minute walk away from the Space Needle, so we saw it everyday/time of the trip. So AMAZING!!!

2. Enjoy Sunrise/Sunset at Kerry Park

One night we make it all the way to Kerry Park. I say “made it” because it was such a steep hill. I have to admit…I was out of breathe. However, I was left breathless once more when I laid eyes on this spectacular view! The glow of the sunset light is all you need to fall in love with this city. It’s incredible, seeing Mount Rainier (on a clear day), Elliott Bay and the mix of skyscrapers in between.

When visiting this park, take note that sunrise/sunsets is when it will most likely be the busiest. That’s when people are drawn to go up there; to experience the entire beauty of the city. It’s so worth it!!! It reminded me a lot of Twin Peaks in San Francisco. One of these magical views, you just have to see in person!

3. Visit the Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit

This was among the highlights of our time in Seattle and I’ll forever remember the experience of being immersed in art on such a grand scale.

I recognized Chihuly’s work from the flowers ceiling in Bellagio Casino & Hotel, which I have passed under so many times. When I discovered he has a full exhibition in Seattle, I knew there was no question about it, we had to go.

The sight of the many fine glass sculptures, each drawing inspiration from various facets of his life, was truly breathtaking. For example, his love for the ocean realm was laid bare through his bigger than life boats filled with glass spheres and unique marine shapes. The Chihuly glass and garden exhibition is a compelling reason to visit Seattle.

You can find the exhibition next to the Space Needle, and combo tickets for both attractions are available.

4. Visit the Famous Pike Place Market

Don’t even think you can visit Seattle without going to the signature Pike Place Market. It’s so iconic, loud, busy, diverse and filled with lots of aromas. You can shop, eat and discover so much at the market. In the end, I’m sure you’ll be surprised by how much time you have actually spend there. Plus, it’s very close to the waterfront, so on a beautiful day you can stroll all around that area like we did.

I was drawn to the vibrant array of fresh blooms offered by a vendor. The colors were so vivid, lively, and inviting! I wanted to buy them all, and could imagine locals buying their daily flower bouquets bringing joy to their homes and hearts.

5. Take a selfie in front of the Gum Wall

While you’re exploring the smells and the spectacle of fish being thrown from one vendor to another at Pike Place Market, be sure to find the “Gum Wall. It’s located south of the main entrance of the market, off first avenue.

I never thought that gum being stuck on brick walls would look so charming and colorful. hahaha! Apparently this began spontaneously, with local performers sticking their own gum to the walls. I wonder who was the first brave one? Because of them, now tourists are eager to find the Gum Wall and take a selfie there (or even add a little of their own gum art). I couldn’t hide my excitement when we found the wall!

Let’s start something like this here in Las Vegas! How FUN would that be?

6. Have a picnic in front of the International Fountain

This fountain reminded me of something we had back home… a center where everyone would gather together and all the kids can play. It was fun watching children running around, splashing in the water and enjoying the warm summer days.

The fountain was surrounded with greenery, where people were enjoying picnics, hanging out or relaxing after a busy day. Each day we walked by the International Fountain and enjoyed the liveliness of it.

We took some breakfast (yummy fruit yogurt + coffee) and sat down in front of the fountain early one morning, enjoying the sunrise. I suggest paying this fountain a visit on your way to the Space Needle. It’s a great gem added to the city. Plus, you’ll hear some lovely music while the fountains are dancing away.

7. Take a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island

Ferry rides are my favorite! There’s nothing better than sitting down, gazing at the deep waters while watching the city slowly disappear into the distance. The serenity of the moment is just as enjoyable as the cool breeze brushing against my face. It’s also a rare opportunity for me to relax and let my legs recover from all the walking โ€“ a well-deserved break, indeed. hahaha!

I suggest catching a ferry to Bainbridge island from Downtown. It’s a beautiful island covered in green and full of peaceful charm, and the ferry journey itself offers magnificent views of the Seattle skyline!

If you’re a Seattle local, which island would you recommend to visit?

8. Have a stroll around the Olympic Sculpture Park

If you’re in need of gorgeous bay views accompanied with a nice walk, head to Olympic Sculpture Park. Such a green, peaceful area with larger than life sculptures that are a unique feature of this city. Plus, it’s completely free! You can sit at one of the benches up top while you take in the beautiful view. It’s a good place to people watch. You’ll definitely want to spend as much time as possible in the park!

The Olympic Sculpture Park is operated by the Seattle Art Museum. You can see me here in front of the red “Eagle” sculpture, which can vividly be spotted even from afar.

9. Visit Discovery Park

Want to end the day with a gorgeous sunset, a silhouette lighthouse in the distance, and the beautiful beach? Then, you have to head to Discovery Park (located in the Magnolia neighborhood). It’s the farthest distance from everything else in this travel guide and was the one time we used Uber.

10. Smell the roses at the Rose Garden

Flower gardens are my sanctuary!

When walking along Elliott Bay Trail, we unexpectedly came across this beauty. I was so happy and ran straight toward it! The rose garden was filled with so many different colored roses, and they smelled beyond AMAZING!

The trail continues far along the waterfront, with the walkway and bustling cycling routes linking quaint parks and beaches throughout the journey. From these spots, we observed the ebb and flow of cruise ships and bay tour boats.

Have you been to Seattle, Washington? What was your favorite memory?

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  4. The Chihuly Garden and Glass Exhibit was one of the highlights for me as well when we visited Seattle. We really wanted to visit Bainbridge Island but ran out of time.

  5. You’ve taken some beautiful photo’s and got to see some really interesting places. These are similar to the places I would visit as I love artsy places too. I’d like to go to Seattle, one day maybe… xx

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  12. Regine Karpel

    Seattle is now on my list. So beautiful.

  13. It looks like you had an amazing trip and your photos are really beautiful. I have been wanting to go to Seattle for a while, and these photos make me want to go even more!
    Julia x

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