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Looking for the ultimate destination to capture stunning photos? Look no further!

Not only is it incredibly entertaining, beautiful, and loads of fun, but southern Nevada also boasts an array of breathtaking locations that are perfect for any type of photoshoot you have in mind. Whether you’re seeking dreamy engagement photos, memorable graduation shots, or stylish outfit looks, I’ve got you covered with the perfect spot recommendations. Get ready to embark on a visual journey like no other!

With eight years of blogging under my belt, I’ve truly experienced it all – from getting stuck in sand dunes to losing rings in the vast desert, hiking in heels, and even running out of water. I’ve faced the challenges and embraced the adventures that come with exploring Nevada’s captivating landscapes. After all that, I feel like now is the perfect time to share with you some of the best photoshoot locations in Nevada. So grab your photographer, your most fabulous outfits, choose your ideal location and let’s go!

When it comes to photoshoots, my personal preference lies in wide-open natural landscapes that allow me to unwind and freely explore. It’s in these serene locations that I find it easiest to bring my initial vision to life. I feel the freedom to experiment with new poses and confidently explore various angles. What about you? Everyone has their own unique style and comfort zone when it comes to capturing the perfect shot. Are you drawn to secluded spots, or do you thrive amidst bustling crowds?

1.Jean Dry Lake Bed

Prepare for an off-road adventure as you make your way to the renowned Jean Dry Lake Bed in Sloan, Nevada. This trip will feel more like a backyard outing because this place is super close to Las Vegas, and requires minimal preparation for a spontaneous photoshoot that promises extraordinary results.

This is an extraordinary location, where simplicity meets raw beauty. Like the ocean, the eyes see far beyond the visible horizon! The only difference is the dry and dusty ground beneath your feet, which feels poised to crack with each step you take. How cool is that? 

This dry lake bed is the ideal location for boho photoshoots. You can shoot barefoot like I do every time I go there. It just feels right! I always see lots of flowy dresses, couples and families capturing their special moments together. It’s so big and wide, there is space for everyone.

Also, on the way to Jean Dry Lake Bed you can make a stop at the Seven Magic Mountains as they’re very close to one another. Practically sisters!!! hahaha! This way you’ll explore two very popular locations in Nevada in one go!

2. Floyd Lamb Park

Want an open oasis of beauty and nature?

This park is the ultimate location for any kind of photoshoot your heart desires. We saw it all while we were there. And the best part is, just like Jean Dry Lake Bed, there is space for everyone. Guess what, you can even pack and enjoy a picnic afterwards. Stunning backdrops in your images will be guaranteed. This is one place where you will for sure snap way more pics than planned without realizing it…I promise you! hahaha

The entrance to Floyd Lamb Park is six dollars per car. There are a few small lakes around the whole park,, which can be walked around. Plus, you get a small zoo of peacocks, rabbits, horses and lama. There’s something for everyone!

3. Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden

Las Vegas has turned me into a desert girl, no doubt about it. Cactus plants excite me and make for awesome companions in photos. Guess what? If you feel the same way, this place in Henderson is for you. Also, sweet news!!! There is a chocolate factory on site, where you can grab a chocolate reward after the photoshoot!

This is the largest botanical cactus garden in Nevada! You can stroll around and be mesmerized by over 300 various plants. I really enjoyed the whole experience. Plus, the photos turned out dreamy thanks to my tall green buddies…hahaha.

I for sure look forward to visiting again. It was so nice and quiet that first time we went. I’m thinking next time I can easily bring a few outfits to change into. This photoshoot is one of my favorites for all the reasons listed above!!!

4. Seven Magic Mountains

Located close to Jean Dry Lake Bed, you’ll find this colorful painted rocks exhibition that simply must be added to your photoshoot list (if you haven’t already). My favorite time to visit is around sunrise, when the amazing hues and colors pop even more from the pretty sunlight. Plus, during that time it is less busy. Going before sunrise is a great idea because that’s most likely the only time you will have this place all to yourself for lots of photos and moments to be admired.

No worries about paying for parking, parking is FREE!  

Seven Magic Mountains will sure get you inspired. You can wear multi-colors to match the rocks and just imagine how pretty your photos will turn out. MAGICAL!

5. Wetlands Park

Free to visit, wetlands park is full of trails and greenery, containing all the ingredients for a fun photoshoot. It reminds me of Floyd Lamb Park because it’s just as big and beautiful. Both are lovely locations and feel a million miles from the busy city landmarks like Fremont Street and the Strip.

This is on my list to return to soon because there are far too many photogenic corners to cover in one trip, even for me hahaha! Plus, I always enjoy taking photos out in nature. We have a chemistry that can’t be denied!!!

I only discovered this location recently and wish I knew about it from the very first few years I moved to Las Vegas. It’s so wonderful for any type of photoshoot you want to make possible. So call your photographer right now and suggest this place to them! It’s so dreamy!

6. The Las Vegas Strip

The reason millions of people visit Las Vegas each year; the fabulous strip of casinos, shopping centers, clubs, shows… basically everything you ever dreamed of, and it is filled with photo opportunities. You would want to bring multiple outfits for day and night because you’ll end up taking enough pictures to last all year hahaha!

There’s lots to do and see on the Strip! No matter the time, keep in mind it’s always full of tourists, so be prepared for the moving crowds. You might have to wait a bit for a clear spot, but once you get that shot it’ll be goals! I’ve been to the Strip early mornings, mid-days, late nights and the people only seem to increase in count, so be mentally ready to do it for the gram!!! 

My favorite places to take some photos are in front of the look-a-like Paris Eiffel Tower, the dancing Bellagio fountains and the High Roller (the world’s largest observation wheel). Backdrops like these will immediately enhance your outfit and make for one picture perfect moment.

7. Red Rock Canyon

This is one of my top favorite places to shoot at because it’s around a thirty minute drive from where I live. There’s lots of different colored shaped rocks, which can get you some of the most stunning photo backdrops. Dreamy desert vibes all the way! 

If you end up staying at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino, you’re in luck, because the canyon is only minutes away. I recommend a whole day of exploring starting from early morning as there are plenty of cute cacti or trails ready to be snapped away. Just know, it’s a desert, gets way hot and you’ve got to wear sunscreen or else you’ll end up looking like a red crab before your tenth photo. I’m guessing you don’t want that!!! LOL!

If you’re willing to hike and find a nice spot for photos along the way, why not? I’ve done that plenty of times to get an exercise and lovely photos all in one. Plus, your shots will be so unique since not many people will take on a hike for a photo! Be a leader!

8. Downtown Las Vegas

If you’re into art and like a pop of color in your photo background, Downtown Las Vegas is the place for you. It’s filled with the most amazing walls of graffiti as you roam around from one street to another. Your inspiration level will strike at its highest because there is no way for this beauty not to rub off on you.

Downtown is constantly changing and evolving, every time I visit I come across something new and cool ready to be snapped. For example, our most recent wall mural features Mark Stone, the captain of our Golden Knights hockey champions…yayyyyyy! Got to go there soon!

Here is your chance to take full advantage of these urban vibes and let your creativity shine! Plus, if you’re a coffee lover, Downtown has really pretty insta-coffee shop, check this post out for some ideas...CLICK HERE!

9. Amargosa Sand Dunes

About 100 miles north of Las Vegas are the Amargosa sand dunes. This location is like discovering the secret “Sahara” because not many people know about it, except for locals. If you want a spontaneous shoot head to Big Dune.

Sand dunes are stunning and make for a magical location for your next photoshoot. It can be challenging if you’re there during extreme heat and wind (the sand hitting your skin and camera equipment), but it’s so worth it. Also, afterwards you’ll find sand literally everywhere, but hey that’s part of the experience, right?

10. Lost City Museum

Located in Moapa Valley, Lost City Museum is a wonderful prehistoric site for your next photoshoot. I’m so happy we made the drive there because it was full of interesting sights and scenery. Lots of endless green fields, old and tiny restaurants/shops and even a cool train track (yep, I did run to get a photo on it.) A great change of scenery from what I’m used to on the daily!

Be sure to walk around the museum and explore the Puebloans houses. It feels and looks like you have transported to a past era. That’s why finding locations like this is so special. There are many cute photo opportunities to discover!

On the way back, you can pass through Valley of Fire if you have more time for exploring. The scenic drive is something that will make it worthwhile and fun to look out from your window.

Which of these locations in Nevada do you still have yet to visit? Where should I go next?!


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  14. Your trip is so fabulous Radi! So beautiful photos and you are so gorgeous!

  15. Hey Radi! I hope you’re having a nice summer!

    I just adore how your content is turning into something more and more editorial, obviously we can see that 8 years of blogging have taught you a lot of things and you can really see the experience. Congratulations for your work and for inspiring us Radi! And also for sharing your best tips about photography and styling with us!

    For me a location is crucial and it can really change the path or direction of a project, it actually can change the whole concept of the photos so picking carefully and getting the best out of that place is crucial. I just love everyone, as I was reading I was thinking “ok, this is my favorite” but then another good one came and I can’t just pick a single one, seems that every selection could be an impressive option for a photoshoot *_* Seriously Nevada has a lot of interesting places, not only the main landscape we think about when someone mention Vegas.

    Take care friend!

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    Seven magic mountains is a must-visit for me.

    I haven’t been travelling around America in so long! xx

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